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I find it hard to keep calm with my teammates when things go wrong.
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I don’t like it when teammates don’t follow what we’ve agreed upon.
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I don’t mind playing with those who have different objectives than mine.
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I need to end a game session with a victory to feel satisfied.
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Following a defeat, I am more likely to be upset during the next game.
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I find pursuing play when a match has obviously been lost is a waste of time.
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I lash out at cheaters when I meet them. I need to call them on this behavior.
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Losing for a technical reason or an unexpected bug makes me lose my cool.
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I find it frustrating when I play against a player whose skill level is obviously different than mine.
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Becoming upset has an effect on my skills.
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After a bad day, I like to play videogames to sublimate my upset feelings.
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Playing video games helps me escape problems I have in real life.
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When an online player starts to misbehave in my games, I prefer not to engage.
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When a player provokes me online, my play objective shifts to retaliation.
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When a player trash talks to me or about me, I tend to take it personally.