About Ubisoft Connect

nextWhat is Ubisoft Connect?

Ubisoft Connect is the ecosystem of players services for all Ubisoft games across all platforms. It is the unification and improvement of Ubisoft Club, our loyalty program, and Uplay, our Desktop App, across all platforms. It aims at giving the best environment for all players to enjoy their games and connect with each others whatever the device.

All Ubisoft live games and new releases will support Ubisoft Connect services and loyalty program.

On our back catalogue games, you will be able to access Ubisoft Connect services (stats, leaderboard, Smart Intel when applicable), but the challenge system is inactive. As a consequence, we have decided to offer you all the rewards available on these games: you now have more than 1.000 Rewards for free to enjoy!

For more details about the eligible games for Ubisoft Connect, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextHow can I access Ubisoft Connect?

Ubisoft Connect is a free service, all you need is a Ubisoft account. You can then access Ubisoft Connect on your console and streaming services (Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and Stadia) through your game menu, on PC by downloading Ubisoft Connect PC, on mobile by downloading the mobile app (IOS and Android), or on this website.

nextWho can take part in Ubisoft Connect?

Everyone can get access to the exclusive benefits of Ubisoft Connect, and it's free! You just need a Ubisoft account. The only obligations are creating your account and agreeing to the terms and conditions for the use of Ubisoft's services. Remember you must be 13 years or older depending on local data privacy laws.

nextWhy isn't the Ubisoft Connect experience the same in all my games?

Several back catalogue games are no longer patched so you may find in-game references to Uplay and Ubisoft Club. Nevertheless, you can directly access Ubisoft Connect services. In addition, you receive all Rewards in these game as soon as you start them. As a consequence, the challenge system of those games are deactivated. All other services (stats, leaderboard, Smart Intel when available) remain active.

Live games will transition to the full Connect experience over a 2 month period after launch with the new loyalty system and full in-game integration.

All our new releases will start with the full Ubisoft Connect Experience at launch.

For more information about elegible games, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextWhat is the impact for me with the change to Ubisoft Connect?

The transition from Uplay/Ubisoft Club to Ubisoft Connect does not impact what is associated to your account. You keep your profile, your friends, your stats, your level, your XP and units. A new loyalty system will start but will remain compatible with units and XP.

What's in it for me?

Ubisoft Connect Loyalty Program

nextHow does Ubisoft Connect Loyalty Program work?

We want you to win more by playing more, with no limits and new rewards regularly available for you to enjoy!

Concretely, how does it work? It's very simple! Your Ubisoft Account has a level, which can increase by completing challenges and earning Ubisoft Connect XP. The more you play, the more you earn XP and level up, with no limits. You will be awarded Units with each level, and you can spend them to unlock unique rewards in your games.

nextHow do I level up, and how many units do I gain?

You need 500 Ubisoft Connect XP to level up. Every time you level up in Ubisoft Connect, you will earn Units: 10 Units per level, 20 Units every 5th level, 50 Units every 10th level.

nextWhat are the games eligible to the loyalty program?

Ubisoft Connect is the evolution of our ecosystem of services and improves Ubisoft Club and Uplay’s legacies. All your live games and new releases will support Ubisoft Connect loyalty program.

On your back catalogue games, the challenge system is inactive but we have decided to offer you all the rewards available: you now have more than 1.000 rewards for free to enjoy!

For more details about the eligible games for Ubisoft Connect, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextWhat happened to my Club Units and XP

Your Ubisoft Club loyalty program evolves into Ubisoft Connect, but does not disappear. You keep your amount of Club Units and XP in Ubisoft Connect.
Ubisoft Connect Challenges

nextWhat are Ubisoft Connect Challenges?

Ubisoft Connect Challenges are objectives to complete in your games. They allow you to collect Ubisoft Connect XP, in-game currency, and unique rewards. There are two types of challenges: Core and Time-Limited.

nextWhat are Core Challenges?

Core Challenges are in-game objectives that follow your progress in a game, and can be completed to showcase your achievements. You can complete them any time you want, and they provide Ubisoft Connect XP. These Challenges can be found in all Ubisoft games compatible with Ubisoft Connect. To discover these challenges, go to the Core Challenges list for your game.

For more information about the elegible games, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextWhat are Time-Limited Challenges?

Time-Limited Challenges provide new in-game objectives to complete, which are renewed on a regular basis.They include personal objectives for you to complete, as well as community objectives that you can participate in, and special events. By completing these Challenges, you can earn Ubisoft Connect XP, in-game currency, and exclusive rewards available only for a limited time. To discover these Challenges, go to the Time-Limited Challenges list for your game.

For more information about the elegible games, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextHow do Time-Limited Challenges work?

Time-Limited Challenges are active for a specific time period, during which you can progress and complete them. When a Challenge has been completed, go to the Time-Limited Challenges list for your game and use the "Collect" button to collect all related rewards.
Ubisoft Connect XP

nextWhat is Ubisoft Connect XP?

Ubisoft Connect XP is the system that allows you to level up and see your progress in Ubisoft Connect. You can check your level at any time in your profile, and compare it to other players by looking at their profiles. Ubisoft Connect XP is earned by completing Core and Time-Limited Challenges. The more you level up, the more Units you'll receive!

nextWhere can I see how much Ubisoft Connect XP I've earned?

You can check your Ubisoft Connect Level and earned XP by viewing your profile on the Ubisoft Connect Mobile App or website. You can also see your Level in the in-game Ubisoft Connect Overlay.


nextWhat are Units?

Units are “loyalty points” that can only be used within Ubisoft Connect. You can use units to unlock ingame rewards, as well as discount coupon to use at the Ubisoft Store.

You earn Units every time that you Level up. You can Level up by completing Core Challenges and Time-Limited Challenges, in any compatible game.

For more information, consult the dedicated Support article.

nextHow does the Unit expiration system work?

Every Units you earn can be used up to 2 years from the day of its aquisition. Each time you redeem Units, the oldest Units will be redeemed first.

For more information, consult the dedicated Support article.

Rules differ per country, if you live in Canada please click here.

nextI just created an account, why do I have Units already?

It's our welcome gift to you! You can spend these Units on Ubisoft Connect Rewards for any game of your choice. You can always earn more Units by completing Core and Time-Limited Challenges, and leveling up.
Ubisoft Connect Rewards

nextWhat's a Ubisoft Connect Reward? How do I get one?

Ubisoft Connect Rewards are unique items for your games, such as weapon skins, costumes and consumables. And that's pretty cool stuff only available at Ubisoft Connect! Some Rewards are free, others need to be redeemed against Units - you just have to go to Ubisoft Connect or in your games to get them.

nextWhy are some Rewards locked?

Some Rewards are only available to players under certain conditions. These conditions are often related to owning another Ubisoft game or taking part in an Alpha or Beta. If you don't fulfill the conditions, a lock icon is displayed and a description of the condition is shown. If you fulfill the condition, you should be able to get it. If you're having trouble, contact our customer service department and we will try to help.

nextDo I have to redeem a Reward using Units earned in the same game?

No. You can exchange your Units for a Ubisoft Connect Reward in any game of your choice.

nextCan I use a Reward that I got on a different platform?

Yes. If you redeem a Ubisoft Connect Reward for a specific game, you can access it on any platform where you own the game, as long as you link your accounts. For example, if you play Hyper Scape on PC and also on consoles, you will need to link your console accounts to your Ubisoft Account, in order to access your Rewards on the consoles too.
Other Benefits

nextHow do my Stats work ?

On all your games, Ubisoft Connect provides you key stats to check your progression and performance and improve. In leaderboards, you can also compare your stats with your friends no matter which platform they play on.

nextWhere can I see my game Stats?

You can access your game statistics and leaderboards in the game pages of your Ubisoft Connect Mobile App and website or directly in your game overlay.

nextWhat is Smart Intel?

The Smart Intel allows you to get personalized tips and tricks straight from the community so you can improve your gaming sessions and sharpen your skills. You also receive reminders of Challenges you haven't completed yet and cool Rewards you can get with your Units.

You can find your Smart Intel in your Ubisoft Connect Mobile App game page or directly in your game overlay.

nextWhat is in my Feed?

In your Feed, you will be able to follow you and your friends activity. You will also receive news on your favorite games to stay up-to-date on the games you love!

You can access your Feed on the Ubisoft Connect mobile app and ingame overlay.

nextWhat happened to my Club Badges?

If you have previously earned Club Badges from specific in-game challenges, you can still view you collection in your profile, on the Ubisoft Connect mobile App, and the website. You can still use your previous Club Badges to customize your profile and showcase them to friends.

Your Ubisoft Connect profile

nextHow do I update my profile (avatar, user name, Badges…)?

To update your profile, go to or use the mobile app. On the website, click the 'Edit your profile' button to change your Avatar, user name. By clicking a Badge or empty slot, you can choose what you want to show.

nextWhat's a Ubisoft Avatar?

Each user with a Ubisoft account can change the image used to identify themselves.

nextWhat kind of Avatar can I use?

You can use an Avatar from the gallery provided by Ubisoft or a personal Avatar from your own image gallery, as long as it respects Ubisoft Connect's conditions of use. On the mobile app, you can also take a photo directly. If your Avatar is removed and you don't understand why, contact our customer service department.

nextWhat are the rules about Avatars?

According to the User Conditions and Service Conditions, you are not allowed to: create, use, share and/or publish by any means (forum, public profile or other) in the context of the Services any material (text, quotes, images, sounds, videos, etc.) or content that, in UBISOFT's view, is aggressive, threatening, malicious, defamatory, false, pornographic, pedophile, obscene, vulgar, racist, xenophobic, inciting hatred, sexually explicit, violent, contrary to public decency or in any other way questionable; Specifically, if you load an Avatar that corresponds with one of the following examples, you will no longer be allowed to load a personalised Avatar and will have to use one chosen from our gallery: Condoning terrorism, Condoning fascism, Displaying child abuse. Please note that you can only show the image of a minor if their parents also appear in the image and it respects the other conditions detailed in the user conditions.

nextWhy has my Ubisoft Connect avatar been banned?

For more information, consult the dedicated Support article.

My friends

nextHow do I add friends?

On Ubisoft Connect on PC, you can add Friends at any time by sending friend request directly at them. On console, you can import your console friend list by connecting to or to the Ubisoft Connect mobile application.

nextWhat are the benefits of adding friends?

By adding friends, you can discover their profiles and activities and compare your performance in each game with theirs by consulting the leaderboards. You'll find this friend list in your games so you can play together.

nextWhy aren't some of my friends showing up on PlayStation / Xbox ?

Your friendlist shows all friends whatever the platform they are playing on. If one of your friends is missing, you need to update your friend list. You can do it at or in the Ubisoft Connect mobile application.

My Ubisoft account

nextWhy do I need a Ubisoft account to access Ubisoft Connect?

The Ubisoft account lets you enjoy all Ubisoft services, including Ubisoft Connect. This allows you to access all your info in one place and benefit from exclusive privileges in your games.

nextWhat is cross-progression?

Cross-progression is a feature that allows you to carry your save data from one platform to the next. Linking your Ubisoft account to any other account will allow progression to be retained for most Ubisoft games.

For more information on cross-progression, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextWhat is cross-play?

Cross-play is a feature that allows you to connect online and play with your friends regardless of what platform is used. Most Ubisoft games with a multiplayer functionality aim to support this feature.

For more information on cross-play, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextDo I need to create a new account for Ubisoft Connect PC?

If you already have an existing Ubisoft account, you do not need to create a new account for Ubisoft Connect. You can use your existing account to access Ubisoft Connect on any platform.

nextI already have a console (PSN, XBL, Stadia…) account. Do I need to create a Ubisoft account as well?

To benefit from everything Ubisoft Connect has to offer, you need a Ubisoft account. However, you can also link any first party account (PSN, Xbox, Switch…) to your Ubisoft account in order to share progression on both and enjoy Ubisoft Connect content on any platform.

For more information on account linking, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextI already have a Ubisoft account. Do I have to create a new one to link it to the console or platform I am using?

You can link any console or platform account (PSN, XBL, Stadia...) to your existing Ubisoft account. To do so, launch Ubisoft Connect from any Ubisoft game and login with your credentials.

For more information on account linking, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextIf I buy a new game, do I need to create a new Ubisoft account to access Ubisoft Connect benefits?

If you already have a Ubisoft account, use the same account to play your new game.

nextHow do I change the e-mail address linked to my Ubisoft account?

On the website, click on your Avatar, then on 'Account management' at the bottom of the list. Next, click the 'Account information' block, then the 'Modify' button near your e-mail address and follow the instructions given.

nextI've forgotten the password for my Ubisoft account. What do I do?

Go to and click the 'Log in' button. Next, click 'Forgot password?' and enter your e-mail address. On the mobile app, consoles and Ubisoft Connect PC, the 'Forgot password?' option is also available as soon as they are launched.

nextWhat happens if I move to another country or change regions?

This has no impact on your account.

nextCan I merge two Ubisoft accounts and combine the Units and XP on them?

It is not possible to link two Ubisoft accounts.

nextHow can I delete my Ubisoft account?

To delete your Ubisoft account, consult the dedicated Support article or contact our customer service department. We will miss you but you can come back any time.

Ubisoft Connect PC

nextWhat is Ubisoft Connect PC?

Ubisoft Connect PC is your gateway to play Ubisoft games and access Ubisoft services on PC. On your platform you're able to purchase and access your games, connect with your friends, catch up with the latest news, enhance your gaming experience with Rewards and Challenges, participate in Betas and other special events, and so much more.

nextDo I need Ubisoft Connect PC to access my Ubisoft games?

Yes, most Ubisoft games on PC require you to use Ubisoft Connect PC to access them. Every game that required Uplay before can now be accessed via Ubisoft Connect.

nextWhat happened to Uplay? Why was its name changed?

We wanted to unify the experience of all our players and across all common gaming platforms. Therefore, Uplay is now Ubisoft Connect PC and part of the cross-platform Ubisoft Connect. All accustomed features and more can be accessed through it, including a brand new in-game overlay for selected games.

For more information, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextWill there be any negative impacts for me with the change from Uplay to Ubisoft Connect PC?

No, you will keep all your games and won't have to reinstall them. If you have Uplay installed, you won't even have to download Ubisoft Connect PC, as it will be rolled out as an update to Uplay.

For more information, please consult the dedicated Support article.

nextWhat does Ubisoft Connect PC offer?

Apart from Games, News, Store, and Ubisoft+, Ubisoft Connect PC aims to enhance your game experience with events and in-game features, such as rewards, challenges, and our brand new overlay for selected games.

nextWhat can I find in the Games tab?

The Games tab contains your full library of Ubisoft games. Every game that has been activated on your account will appear here. You can access them all via Ubisoft Connect PC, get news and in-game content or view your achievements, Challenges and Rewards! Ubisoft Connect PC will also make sure that your game stays updated all the time!

nextWhat can I find in the News tab?

In the News tab you can catch up on the latest information of everything happening at Ubisoft and in our games. This includes new announcements, game updates, and patch notes but also general PC updates from our NGON team!

nextWhat can I find in the Store tab?

The Store is your go-to place to explore and purchase any Ubisoft game, try out free demos, as well as acquire additional in-game content for your owned games.

nextWhat can I find in the Ubisoft+ tab?

Ubisoft+ is a subscription service offered by Ubisoft. It grants you access to a catalogue of games depending on the tier of your subscription. If you're already a subscriber, you can find all games available to you. If you are not subscribed, you can find further information about the service and how to start your own Ubisoft+ subscription.

nextWhy does the last tab in Ubisoft Connect PC change every now and then?

We change the tab depending on current events, special deals, or outstanding news so you're not missing out on important information or timed content!

Share Play on Ubisoft Connect PC

nextWhat is Share Play, and the Beta test of the service?

Share Play is a free service that lets you share your game and controls with a remote friend on Ubisoft Connect PC. It does not currently support multiplayer or multi controller.

Share Play's Open Beta test is available on selected Ubisoft Connect PC games. Please help us improve. Don't hesitate to bring any issues to our attention and share any feedbacks directly after your session via the in-game pop-up.

For more information on Share Play, please consult the dedicated Support article

nextWhat is the minimum requirement to use Share Play on Ubisoft PC?

The host must have a copy of a game that supports Share Play installed that runs on Ubisoft Connect PC.

The guest must have an 18+ Ubisoft Account, and must run Ubisoft Connect PC to participate. You both need a good, stable Internet connection (min 10 Mb/sec).

nextWhich games are supported?

During this Open Beta, Share Play will be available for Far Cry 6, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Riders Republic on Ubisoft Connect PC. Other games will be made available soon.

nextWhich gamepads are supported?

You can use any gamepad that your game supports. As a guest, if you are using a Playstation controller, the game will recognise it as an XBox controller.

nextOn which devices can I try Share Play in Ubisoft Connect?

While the guest does not need to download the game, both host and guest must download and run Ubisoft Connect PC to use Share Play.

nextHow much does Share Play cost?

Share Play is a free service available on Ubisoft Connect PC.

nextWho can I invite?

You can invite anyone from your Ubisoft Connect friend list, but only one at a time and only those with an 18+ Ubisoft account.

nextWhy doesn't Share Play work?

If you can't connect to your friend, double check your internet connection (min 10 Mb/sec) and if both of you use the latest version of the Ubisoft Connect PC client.

For any other issue, please consult the dedicated Support article

nextHow do I give control of my game to my guest?

As soon as you start a Share Play supported game on your PC, you can send an invite to your friend through the in-game overlay (press [Shift F2]) or game page. They will join your game by streaming over the Internet. They'll get to control the character with mouse and keyboard or gamepad. You can change those settings anytime by pressing [Shift F2] and choose which controls are enabled.

nextWhat can my guest do and cannot do?

Only the host can initiate Share Play sessions. Your guest will never be able to get access without you allowing them to. Your guest doesn’t have access to anything but the game. They cannot control your PC, reach your browser, access your games library, chat, or any other functionalities. However, your guest can navigate within your game as if they were you, including in the menus, and loading/saving games.

You may override your friend’s access at any time during the session by pressing [Shift F2] or by switching windows, they will see a "waiting screen" pop up and see that all controls are paused. You can also disconnect your guest from the overlay.

nextWhat happens if I disconnect, or my friend disconnects?

Disconnecting from the game while hosting a Share Play session will interrupt it.

A guest disconnecting from the session returns the game control to you. You can resume play if you wish.

You can choose to start a new Share Play session at any time by opening the Overlay [Shift F2] or from the game page.

nextHow long does a Share Play session last?

A Share Play session has a 60-minute timer after which controls automatically reverts to the host. There is, however, no limit to the number of sessions you can share with the same friend.

nextWhat is the difference with the Buddy Pass feature of Far Cry 6?

Share Play

Share Play allows someone who owns Far Cry 6 on Ubisoft Connect PC to stream it to a remote friend’s Ubisoft Connect PC client.

It allows the guest to play the game remotely for sessions lasting up to 60 minutes. There are no limits to the number of sessions a given guest can play.

During sessions, the guest gets full access to the host’s game, including any DLC content they may have. The host and guest can’t play in co-op mode but can switch who controls the game at will.

Buddy Pass

The Buddy Pass works differently. It requires both host and guest to own Far Cry 6, but the host’s DLC content is also made available to both. The Pass works on all platforms rather than just the Ubisoft Connect PC client, but both must play on the same one.

The Buddy Pass allows co-op play and there are no limits to the number or length of play sessions.